Welcome to the Prairie Family Center

Prairie Family Center is a resource center located in Burlington, Colorado. Prairie Family provides a safe environment for families on the eastern plains of Colorado to connect with coordinated services that provide tools to help them be more self-reliant. They do this by focusing on the strengths of each individual in a family unit and strive to develop skills within that family so that they may continue to support one another.

Prairie Family adheres to the guidelines of Principles and Practices of Family Support set forth by Family Centers of America and established by Family Support America. They are are a Family Resource Center Association member.

We tailor our programs to each community's needs and available resources. We focus on programs that offer information on nutrition, exercise, bilingual assistance, social security insurance and other helpful programs; all in support of the family!

Our programs are designed to help all age levels as we offer nurturing parenting classes, youth exercise, weekly senior exercise classes, cooking classes for kids, teens, family and adults to name a few!

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